Face Track Cam

FaceTrackCam — The Face Grabber!

A Whole New Take on Video!

The ideal app for selfies, great kids videos, cooking classes, illustrated talks — and so much more.
FaceTrackCam In sync with your imagination, all the way.
It’s so great, how could we have lived without it?!


◉ Automatically zooms up on faces (even yours), so it’s great for selfie videos

◉ Perfect for candid face shots and videos of children playing, group discussions (auto grab and zoom when you look at the camera), etc.

◉ Incredibly easy to use — even if you’ve never shot a video in your life!

◉ Endlessly versatile. If you can imagine it, you can do it!


When the camera detects a face, it automatically zooms up, keeping the face in the centre of the frame.
If you look away, or look down, it automatically zooms out to the original frame setting.
It’s just like having a professional cameraman zoom up or out on the action, so you never miss those fleeting facial expressions!

For Example

◉ For kiddy videos, start with a wide shot that takes in the whole scene. When the kid(s) looks at the camera, it automatically zooms up so their face(s) fills the screen. Yes, that’s right! One kid, the face fills the whole screen. Two or three kids, the zoom setting automatically makes sure you can see all their faces!

◉ A singer/songwriter looks down at his guitar… The camera takes in the whole scene. When he looks up at the camera, it automatically zooms up on just his face. Then he looks down, and the camera zooms out again.
Now you can make a professional promo video all by yourself!

◉ In a group discussion, as each member looks up at the camera to speak, it automatically grabs his face in close-up detail!

  • ◉You can set the zoom speed freely
  • ◉The camera will detect one or more faces at the same time, and zoom accordingly
  • ◉You can switch between front and rear camera lenses, even during shooting
  • ◉When using the rear camera, you can switch the light ON for illumination
  • ◉When you switch the Face Detection OFF, the camera instantly reverts to regular shooting
  • ◉You can also take still photos


How to Use


Light ON/OFF Switch

This indicator appears when the Back Camera is in use, and toggles the light ON/OFF.

Front/Back Camera Toggle Switch

Switches between Front and Back Cameras.
With the standard iPhone Camera you can’t switch cameras while shooting a video. But with FaceTrackCam, you can!

Auto Zoom Out

This switch selects modes when there is either no face in the picture, or the face is not detectable.

ON The camera automatically zooms out to show the entire picture area.
OFF The camera maintains the current zoom level.
Zoom Level Setting

You can freely adjust the level the camera zooms to when it finds a face.
The zoom level is shown by a percentage.
100% means the face completely fills the screen.
50% means two faces could be shown together side by side.

Zoom Speed Setting

This sets the time taken to zoom up after the camera has found a face (or faces).
The time in shown in seconds from face recognition to end of zoom.
At the fastest setting (0 seconds) the zoom is almost instantaneous.
The slowest setting is 3 sec., great for artistic effects.

Face Detection Button

This toggles the Face Detection Function ON/OFF when you tap the button.

facetrackOff Face Detection OFF
facetrackOn Face Detection ON
facetrackDetect Display blinks when face is detected

When OFF, the zoom function is disabled.
When ON, the camera zooms as soon as a face is detected.
The button blinks to confirm face detection.
The blinking speed is the same as the ‘second’ setting in .

The selected Zoom Level (e.g. 4.2) is displayed above the Face Detection Button.

Still Photo Mode

Shoots the picture as shown on the screen.

Video Mode

Tap this button to start or stop the Video.

Video Timer
During shooting, the red dot inside the Video Button gets smaller and slowly blinks.


Settings Display ON/OFF Toggle

Toggles the Settings Display ON/OFF.

When ON, ‘Auto Zoom Out’, ‘Zoom Level’ and ‘Speed’ settings are shown.
When OFF, you can see the screen without distractions.